Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Morning Splash Pad Adventures

Today I took my 4 year old to a downtown splash pad park.  This park has climbers, a large splash area and lots of trees and grass.  I took a blanket and staked a claim in a nice shady area and unloaded our gear.  (I didn't take as much stuff as it sounds - just her towel and clothes, snacks, water and a book for me)

Little Miss walked all around the splash part - she watched the kids shrieking and playing and getting soaked, then she came back and told me she was going to the playground area.  Okay, whatever.  Play over there in your bathing suit.  Just don't get hurt.

I actually succeeded in reading some of my book.  I'm struggling with the joy that comes with that as I feel I've neglected to watch my kid while I was immersed in a book.  However, nothing untoward happened with all the other kids and parent and school groups around.

Little Miss did finally get almost wet, but she is so hesitant to play in the various streams of water.  She talked to some of the bigger kids, stuck her arm through a water jet, but would not really go in and play.
Little Miss in the Splash Pad
Little Miss in the Splash Pad
My miss is the one in the hat.  She got her feet wet, but that's about it.  And she was so excited this morning to go to the Splash Park!

Next time we go we will have to bring more kids along (including older Sis who is still in school until tomorrow.)  I suspect she's more likely to play in the water with someone she actually knows.  She loves the sprinker at home - how is this any different?!

I know it's the 4 year old mentality I've discussed in other posts, but it can be frustrating.  At least there were climbers for her to exhaust herself on as well.  We had a good morning anyway.



  1. I'm sure she'll have a blast if you bring her sister next time - or a friend. My almost three-year-old adores splash pads. My eldest does t-ball, so I spent about 40 minutes with my younger one and the younger brother of another player having a blast a the neighbouring splash pad on Tuesday while the older kids (sort of) played ball.

    It's hard for kids in a crowd if they don't know the other kids sometimes, maybe that's it? Either way, it looks like she's having fun in the photos - Louise (who found you via Mom Bloggers Club notices and is always happy to find another working Canadian mom blogger :))

  2. Thanks for your comment! I agree that other kids she knows may be the key - but she's never been one for splash pads (she's 4 and this is the most I've seen her do so far). She splashes in the sprinkler at home - with friends - but something about the concrete pad I think. She had fun anyway.

    And yes, yay to Canadian Mom Bloggers! I'm going to visit your site tonight (when I have kids asleep and a few minutes to myself!)

  3. Hello, i'm visiting from #weekendbloghop! Ah looks so nice and summery. It can be funny how things they love at home don't transfer to other environments can't it? I see it a lot with my two year old, understandably, but interesting that it carries on for a few years. Going to gander round a few of your other posts now! Thanks, Lucy at Occupation:(m)other

    1. Thanks for commenting! My daughters are funny creatures, but yes it is weird how things they do at home become completely different when the atmosphere is different. :)