Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Friday Night Out - I'm So Ready For A Concert!

On Friday I am going out.  Hubby is staying home with the kids and I am spending an evening with myself.  Potentially others may join me, but right now that is totally secondary.

There is a free concert in the city's market square and I am so there.  I missed the free concert in the square last year but hubby and I did catch the one the year prior.  I am feeling musically deprived (sort of) lately, and I think this will put the spring back into my step.

Before kids, and even before hubby, I was a concert junkie.  Although I was never one for the late, late bar scene (I like to go to bed before 10pm) I would willingly forgo my bedtime for a good rock concert.  Now I'm more an arena concert person, solely because I don't want to pay a babysitter into the wee hours of the morning.  Yes, I realize that makes me seem more old and less cool, but that's the reality.  There are a few bands I would still brave the late bar concert scene for, but not nearly as many or as often I used to.

I miss concerts where I can just weasel my way up front (I'm small) and totally swoon to whomever is up there making great music.  I can't put into words how much I'm looking forward to this on Friday night.  The show starts at 8pm and I work until 5.  I've actually booked myself a haircut for 5:30 that may be an hour, but what am I going to do in between?  I guess I need to eat something, but really that will take 20 minutes.  I could show up really early - I've been known to do that before...

People seem concerned that I'm going to this function alone - why?  I used to do tons of stuff alone before I had a husband and kids.  I'm someone who loves company, but only if they're going to enjoy what I'm doing as much as I am.  I don't want someone to tag along and then not have a good time.  Then I don't have as a good a time because I'm worrying about their state of mind.  That's less fun.

So I can't wait - in case you didn't pick up on that.


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