Girls in Dominican on Family Vacation 2015
Girls in Dominican Republic Feb 2015
First Day of School 2012
Emma's First Day of School (2012)

We took our first family off-the-continent vacation this past winter.  We went to Dominican Republic and had a fantastic time all 'round.

This photo is a throwback to Emma's first day of school (Sept 2012).  Rose will be having her first day of school this year - where did that baby go?

Crazy Girls in the Car
Crazy Girls in the Car

The girls like to take roadtrips - as long as we bring snacks and drinks to sustain us along the way.

My Family Admiring Swans
My Family Admiring Swans

These swans are quite tame - I think they were expecting us to feed them.  They came right up to the edge and then followed us for a bit, until it was evident to them we did not bring them anything.

The Girls at Fort Henry
At Fort Henry

We took a trip to Fort Henry during the Pan Am Celebrations here in town - admission was free!  The girls had a great time exploring the tunnels and stone rooms.

Of course, we found face paint while we were there - seems we can't go anywhere tourist-y or fesival-y without face paint!

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