Work With Me!

I love reading, so I do book reviews.

I have opinions on stuff, so I do product or business and event reviews.

I have a social media following so I share my reviews with my readers.

Want to get in on the action?
Please contact me via email at

Visit my blogs Modern Mom's LifeModern Mom in Kingston and 2 Talented Daughters for samples of my writing and reviews, as well as my approach to local events.  I'm always looking for feedback so don't hesitate to share your opinions with me.

All my blog posts are shared on the same social media accounts.  Find me on Twitter: @ModernMomsLife, Facebook: Modern Moms Life, and Google+.  I'm constantly working to increase my followings and posting content that's relevant to me and (I hope) my readers.

I'd love to create something with you!


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