Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Letter Writing in the Modern World

Yesterday I wrote a letter.  I mean a pen and paper, put it in an envelope with a stamp, letter.  I even managed to get it into the mail before an entire week had passed.

I don't know when I wrote a letter last.  I had only written a few lines before I started to get that hand cramp I remember so well from highschool days of writing pages of essays or whatever.  It made me a little sad to realize letter writing is so much work now.

When I was a kid I would write to pen pals, to friends who went away for a week or two in the summer, or even my best friend who went to University a year before I did.  I even still have the boxes of stationary I bought for those letter writing occasions.  Of course I pulled those out before I got down to business.  Stationary really sends the message that I definitely want to be writing to you.

When did you last write a letter?  I had to end my letter with the idea that my recipient would already know all the news I wrote down for her, which made me a little sad.  A good friend of mine moved away and then right away took a trip to Europe.  So I thought she would enjoy a note from me, in her new mailbox, when she returned.  I hope she appreciates it.

Tell me about your letter-writing experiences.  Does anyone have regular correspondence (not including Christmas cards)?  Am I the only one left who owns stationary?  I'm intensely curious if letter writing has not fallen as far out of fashion as I feel it has.  So let me know!



  1. Hmm i do love writing a letter but no a bit out of practice now! Still have a stationary cupboard though mostly for thank you letter, and cards of all sorts. I wanted to tell a friend something i think she needed to hear (something nice!) so that was my last proper letter a couple of months this immediate world we live in the wait until she received it felt SO slow! Isn't it lovely to receive a letter though, we should all do it more!

    1. My friend I wrote to just got her letter today! She was out of the country on vacation, so it seemed so LONG since I wrote it! She also said she will send me a letter in return, so I'll (patiently) look forward to that. I am very out of practice with actual letter writing as well, but I do enjoy it. :) Thanks for the comment.