Sunday, 14 June 2015

Friday Night Concert in the Rain - I Still Had Fun!

I went to a concert Friday night - if you've been following me much you saw my post about how excited I was to go.  No, I'm not going to say I wasn't excited by the time it rolled around, but it rained like crazy all day.  Everyone asked me if I was still going.  I mean everyone - all my coworkers, my kids, even my husband who knows better.

I worked until 5pm.  I had a haircut scheduled for 5:30 which was about an hour, and I got drenched going the half block from my car to the salon.  When I left there it was still raining but not nearly as heavily.  My hair looked lovely - I did decline the makeup touchups (which implies I had makeup on in the first place, and I definitely didn't) as I knew I'd be standing in the rain later.

I was thinking I should eat, but I was anxious-excited for the show so I didn't want to go sit in a restaurant by myself for an hour.  I went to a coffee shop where I could see Market Square - where the concert was going to be - as well as how badly it was raining out.  The only people in the square were the crew for the show and some radio station people - oh and the people who work for the city that were putting this on.

As the time rolled on (very slowly) a few wanderers straggled around the square, then disappeared, then reappeared, sometimes standing under the radio people's umbrellas, and some people even came into the tiny coffee shop I was sitting in.
Concert in the Rain
Concert in the Rain

With about 15 minutes to go before the openers were to start I wandered across the square (it's still raining!) and down to the bathroom, and when I came out there were a few standing knots of people that I went and joined right up front of the stage.

The opening band was a little hesitant about getting out there and playing in the pouring rain, but they did it.  The band was PS I Love You and they were good - also a local band which I didn't know.  There set was loud and a little raunchy - the mix was off and I really could not hear the singing at all, but otherwise it was good!

More people had congregated to the square by this time - like maybe 50.  It was still raining.  They squeegeed off the stage a few times and hesitantly moved some of the tarps off some of the stuff.  By the time the main act was to begin the rain had let up - not fully stopped, but let up.  However by this time I was soaked right through my coat and I was freezing!

Then Hawksley Workman appeared and everyone got excited and he made some comment about how we were all crazy for being out in the rain, but thanks for being here!  He disappeared for a bit while they continued to set up (and clean up), and his set started at 9pm.

They were fabulous.  Their mix was right and I could hear everything perfectly.  Might have helped that I was able to take my hood off!  The sky cleared right up (well, mostly) and I even dried up a bit.  This Hawksley Workman guy (who I haven't seen in at least 10 years) is a real character.  Lots of rambling conversation, as well as lots of great guitar work - the songs were awesome!   I even enjoyed the ones I didn't know!

All-in-all fabulous evening with myself for company, and some rain on my parade.  I'd do it again for sure.  Thanks to hubby for volunteering to stay home with the girls - and no thanks to my friends who all thought I was crazy for going to this despite the rain.

Share your concert stories in the comments - or comment on how truly crazy I am for standing in the rain!


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