Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Organization Is Key - No Matter How Much You Hate Organizing

This weekend we cleaned up.  And I mean reorganized our entire house.  Okay, well not our bedrooms, but we reorganized the main living spaces.

We have a lot of stuff.  We also live in a semi-detached, multi level home.  We have lots of games and toys in their boxes still (for storage purposes).  There is Lego, and Barbies, unlimited craft supplies, and 2 bedrooms worth of stuffies.  We also have board games, Playmobiles, My Little Ponies and Littlest Pet Shops.  Oh, and books.  SO MANY BOOKS!

I spent an afternoon on Wednesday (my weekday off!) rearranging cupboards in the kitchen so they made more sense.  Now the kids can find their snacks (and help pack their lunches this school year?  Maybe?) and I can find the soups and dressings without having to crawl under the counters in the kitchen.  So far it's working out.  We'll see how long it lasts, or how many more cupboards I can get organized before I quit all together!

I'm loving the new, organized and tidied areas of the house.  I'm wondering how to keep people from just dumping everything either on the dining room table, or the table by the door.  Both are easy receptacles for the everyday "stuff" but these things need a home.  All of my pigeon hole cubbies are filled already.  All I have left is floor and hallway (and the lovely dining room table covered in stuff).  Storage solutions (ideas?) are great if have somewhere to put them.  I do not.  I realize there is still potential in what I do have, but it's still not going to be enough.

We loaded 4 recycling bins with stuff over the weekend and recycled it.  We gave stuff away, repurposed stuff, and stuffed a bunch of toys and other kid things upstairs in the girls rooms - which is an organizing project for another day (year).  And I still feel the clutter is overwhelming.  I've lived with it this long, I'm sure I can hold out longer still.

The bonus to this new organization is it prompts the girls to now put things back in their places when they're done with them.  The toybox holds all the stuffies on the main floor, and everything else seems to be going back to its boxes/bins/designated area.  I can only hope this trend will continue.

If any of you, loyal readers, have suggestions for small space (or no space) organization, please share!  I am always interested in good ideas for my home!  Thanks in advance, and toodles for now!

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  1. Try reading the KonMari method. It's serious deluttering, but she says that storage is bad. Because it makes us keep things we don't need. I still need to do my declutter, but one day I will do it.