Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Book Review: Killer Pursuit by Jeff Gunhus

I managed to read a book in 5 days.  5 days!  That's unheard of now that I have 2 kids and a husband.  Way back I could have easily read 2 books in 5 days but that's long gone now.

The book I just finished was sent to me (for free) so I could read and review it before it's actually "published."  I'm enough of a book nerd to think that this is totally awesome!  However, it took a very long time for the book to show up at my door.

Fed Ex delivered me my brand-spankin'-new book on Dec 30th - the Wednesday between Christmas and New Years.  As we all know I don't currently work on Wednesdays so I was ready to tear into it the minute it arrived.  I enjoyed that the postmark on it was Dec 17th.  It took almost 2 weeks for FedEx to get it to me.  Seems long, but I guess with the holiday season it's not unexpected.

I read about 5 chapters the first day.  Sure the chapters were a bit small, and yes the kids went outside to play so there was quiet time, but I was glad to get such a quick start on it.

Killer Pursuit pulls you in fast.  Jeff Gunhus has written other books with the same character - Allison McNeil - but I haven't read them.  And you don't need to, to enjoy this book.  I'm sure there were a few bits of backstory that I didn't catch on to but I certainly did not feel the book was lacking in any way.

This is a crime/mystery/policital story.  I don't usually care too much for the political business, corruption, sex scandal stuff, but it worked well with the police and FBI characters and it wasn't too "White House"-y.  I was kept guessing through most of the story.  It wasn't until a handful of (short) chapters from the end that I really thought I might know who did it.  I enjoy that in a book - keep me guessing until the end.

As a mom I also enjoyed the shorter chapter layout of the book.  It allowed me to sneak in a chapter or two while the kids were "playing" and before they called out for "help" or to "come see!" again.  Sometimes I put down a book in the middle of the chapter and by the time I get back to it I have to re-read most of the chapter again.  Not so this one.

Overall I'd say 5 stars.  I would now like to read the other books in the Allison McNeil series, so that's a plus for sure.  Jeff Gunhus is an easy to read author with a well developed story.  I enjoyed Killer Pursuit immensely.

Stay tuned to hear about other books I've read and enjoyed.  I really like reading and reviewing stories, so help me find more reviews that need doing, okay readers?  Thanks!

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